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15In focusTraining high-end furniture

You close training tables and chairs supporting services

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Today we redefine training furniture

Ding optimal design is not only a furniture,But the space

  • Distinguished luxury
  • Flexible combination
  • Receive a convenient
  • Business negotiation
Commitment:All training tables and chairsThe quality assurance5Years

Solemn promise: all product warranty for five years

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「The tripod with two handles 」Training chair,Not afraid of you!Will not be afraid to take on any opponent

From the beginning to the end of every detail,We are all very attentively!

The principle of ergonomics

Training chair bearing150KG,Breathable back of a chair,
Anti fatigue,Comfortable and healthy

Export standard steel pipe

Training chair1.2MMThe steel
Tube,A much higher export standards!

Safety design

Training chair non-slip MATS,To prevent from scratching the floor!

Streamlined armrest

Training chair material of high temperature to shape,Arc armrest
Reducing the pressure of shoulder retainer arms

High-density elastic cushion

Training chair cushion fabric has good elasticity、
Don't sweat,Breathe freely,Sedentary not tired

Tablet can be folded up

Training chair tablet,Bearing20Kg,
Small objects have hidden cup and tray,Strong practicability

Long-term partners

Long-term partner

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15Years focused on training tables and chairs,The pall,Strength

Only 12 years of production training chair, homegrown, strength

Ding's own6500Square factory,Hardware shop、The finished product workshop is complete,Configure automatic production equipment

Regular monthly regular goods,Then accessories for thousands of sets,The inventory is enough,Ensure on time delivery

With plastic、Hardware、Fixed cooperation raw materials manufacturer,Another dragon,0The intermediate links

VIPCustom,Focus on the creative people

VIP custom, focus on creative people and students

20Many people design research and development team,Designs follow the trend direction,As many as training chair design200Much money

All training chair color、Style can be set、logoThe variable、Soft package material all can be customized

Provided free of charge training seat design,Free proofing,Custom products7Quick delivery

Environmental protection is a must,Have been to the eu standard material、Production

Environmental protection is a must, has been to the EU

Training chair adopt environmental protection water-based paint,Does not contain harmful carcinogens,0Formaldehyde,No peculiar smell

Training chair with European standardE1Environmental protection plate,19Kind of soluble number detection is in the middle0

Professional inspectors,Inside quality control,Report provides authoritative testing machine,3-5Years warranty

Follow up orders will fully steward,Order to place the order only10Minutes

Environmental protection is a must, has been to the EU

Ding excellent professional after-sales team,One-to-one after-sales tracking,Pay a return visit on a regular basis,Free installation guide

Pport each station docking orders,On the day of the order,48Hours of delivery

Factory near distance freight station,Across the country to car,Save the freight(Logistics is more favorable)

The national hotline400-669-9709
Custom immediately

Ding optimal here-it customer case,Make your choice more at ease!

Real customer evaluation, let your choice more assured!

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Large training institutions

Large training institutions

Mr.wong training institutions products offered by feedback from zhejiang figure

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School customer case

School customer case

A training school in chengdu indoor product feedback pictures

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Company training room customer case

Company training room customer case

Thank yuan always provide internal feedback images

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Training institutions customer case

Training institutions customer case

Thanks to provide product feedback diagram of zhejiang dragon

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Training chair of the production process

Training chair production process

Into the pot superior furniture

About usMedia reports

Ding optimal, shunde district, foshan city, furniture co., LTD

Ding furniture is a set design、Research and development、Production、Sales、Service in a body's training chair manufacturers。It happened5000m³Production base,Using automated production equipment,Hardware shop,The finished product line,Professional production line。Our company has the capability of development,Product updates faster using automated production equipment,Hardware shop,The finished product line,Professional production line。Our company has the capability of development...

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Ding excellent professional team

Research and development-Design-Production-Service

Wholeheartedly for your service

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Professional teamProfessional team
Professional team
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